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Tips & Stories

In this new section of the Mule Deer Foundation Web site, we hope to provide entertaining andecdotes for hunters, conservationists and the general public. We're also hoping for some trophy shots to accompany the stories!

Please be patient and check back often as we build our library.

If you have a brief story with a picture you'd like posted, please contact us.

Red, White & Blued Salute to Browning

As we move into August, and memories of Fourth of July celebrations fade, it would be great if Mule Deer Foundation members and all Americans paused to reflect on the red, white and blued legacy of gunmaker and patriot John M. Browning.

Off of the Couch and into the Wild

Have you ever heard someone say “Po∙ta∙to, Po∙ta∙to?” If so, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Gail's First Buck 2010

Gail and her son Trevor took the last week of October for vacation, so they could hunt Oregon’s General Western rifle season together.

Paul's Blacktail 2010

When my friend and taxidermist invited me to hunt a piece of private property in the Willamette unit, I was all over it.

Hunting Brotherhood

I took a small buck this year. What makes the story special is my brother.

Family Hunting

I shot my biggest with my bow to date, but because I was able to do it with my father.

My Second Deer Hunt

I shot and dropped the three point. The two point went about another 50 yards and my dad shot that one.

A Trophy Indeed

Opening morning of buck season 2008, I broke my ankle in my first attempt at killing a buck.

My First California Mule Deer

It took me seven years to draw the X-zone tag.

Best Laid Plans

Dad dispelled any doubts I may have had regarding his recovery from the fall a year earlier.

When Giving Up is Not An Option

Shooting at and missing a big buck is like throwing an interception in a big football game.