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Mule Deer Foundation Opposes Initiative 160 in Montana

April 30, 2010

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – The Mule Deer Foundation has joined with other conservation groups in opposing Montana’s Trap-Free Public Lands Initiative 160. The Mule Deer Foundation believes that scientifically sound and sustainable management of wildlife populations is critical to maintaining healthy ecosystems in Montana. Properly regulated trapping provides an effective method for managing furbearers at healthy population levels and in balance with their available prey base. Regulated trapping helps control damage to agricultural interests and reduces the spread of disease among wildlife populations and humans.

Miles Moretti, MDF president and CEO, said “MDF is opposed to ballot initiatives to manage wildlife. Montana already has a system in place, established by the Legislature and the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks Commission, to regulate trapping. I-160 would remove a very important tool from the wildlife management tool box, and in the long run it would result in a decrease in the number and health of several wildlife species which live in Montana.”

MDF believes if I-160 passes it would have far reaching effects and negative impacts on the ability of Montana FWP to manage furbearers and other wildlife populations.

The Mule Deer Foundation has local chapters throughout Montana and is deeply concerned how I-160 could impact mule deer populations in Montana if passed.

The Mule Deer Foundation supports the efforts of Montanans for Effective Wildlife Management to defeat I-160.