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 Ensuring the conservation of mule deer,
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Question: What is the single greatest factor that has caused declines in mule deer?

Answer: Loss and degradation of habitat.

Sadly, given the permanent loss of winter and summer mule deer range that has occurred since the middle of the last century, it is not likely we will ever return to mule deer population numbers that existed at that time.

It is, however, possible to increase and improve habitat, take a firm stand on predatory control, educate future conservationists, and focus on other factors that have contributed to the loss and decline of mule deer numbers.

These efforts require tremendous coordination that crosses social and political boundaries.

The Mule Deer Foundation is going to any lengths to do just that.

MDF works with state and federal wildlife agencies, conservation groups, businesses and individuals to further the MDF mission. We’re also on the front lines in Washington, D.C., supporting or challenging issues that affect mule deer populations.

MDF also believes that promoting the hunting heritage is a key ingredient to furthering our conservation objectives. Education programs, such as our M.U.L.E.Y. Youth Camps, are aimed at educating the public on hunting, wildlife management and overall respect and enjoyment of our natural resources.

Today’s conservation efforts require leadership, cooperation and dedication. HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

Contact us with your questions, comments and ideas!

Want to PARTNER with MDF and really make a difference? Consider becoming a Conservation Partner. This special partnership is designed to provide a way for donors to put money directly on the ground for mule deer, black-tailed deer and their habitat.

Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies' (WAFWA) Mule Deer Working Group Publications

Want more information about Mule Deer Conservation? There are a number of publications available from the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies' (WAFWA) Mule Deer Working Group:

Visit the WAFWA Mule Deer Working Group Web site for more information.

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