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Cindy Mosteller Hired as New Wyoming Regional Director


For Immediate Release: November 12, 2014

Contact: Miles Moretti, or (801) 973-3940
Cindy Mosteller, or (307) 756-3462

Cindy Mosteller Hired as New Wyoming Regional Director

Salt Lake City, Utah: The Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) announced today that they have hired Cindy Mosteller of Carlile to be the new regional director for the state of Wyoming. Mosteller has years of volunteer leadership experience with MDF serving as the Wyoming state chair in 2013 and the Utah state chair in 2012 and has been a chapter volunteer since 2007. Her primary goals will be to help build new chapters in the state and to support the many conservation needs of mule deer in Wyoming.

“I’m thrilled to have this opportunity to help mule deer in Wyoming where we are facing some steep declines in our mule deer populations,” Mosteller said. “I have a passion for helping and serving as regional director for MDF will let me make a difference for something that I care deeply about.”

Mule deer numbers have been declining in Wyoming – the state Game and Fish Department reports a 33 percent reduction in the herds compared to 20 years ago with fawn numbers extremely low. Habitat decline has been a consistent factor in the herd declines and the state is embarking on a new 10-year mule deer habitat project in the Wyoming Range. MDF has been an active participant in that project and Mosteller will serve as the MDF lead on this and other conservation initiatives. In addition, she will be working to establish new chapters, particularly in the western part of the state. She says that Cody, Jackson and the Buffalo/Sheridan areas are top priorities to increase MDFs visibility.

Mosteller was raised in Utah and has been around mule deer hunting her whole life. She has been married to her husband, Jim for 22 years, who is a life member of MDF. Together with their three children ages, 16, 15 and 12 have worked many volunteer hours restoring mule deer habitat, including the planting of 3,500 bitterbrush plants and the installation of two guzzlers.

“It is important that we teach our kids that they have to get out and do something if they want to make a difference in this world, and this job with MDF is my chance to do something” she concluded.

If you’re interested in helping with mule deer conservation or chapter development in Wyoming, contact Cindy at or (307) 756-3462.


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